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Sarah in Somerville Cooks Curry September 6, 2013

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As y’all probably heard from other venues (a la Facebook most likely), I am now a Somerville resident! But still working in Providence! “Sarah in Somerville but still working in Providence” doesn’t have a nice ring to it so I’m stickin’ with “Sarah in Somerville” for now.

More pictures of the apartment to come when we’ve put up the decor/hung up some pictures but here’s a teaser:

The Move: A picture of the “to-be-loaded” truck. What you see on the grass doesn’t even include the furniture! The truck ended up being the perfect size, and by the perfect size, I mean I’m not sure how much more stuff we could have squeezed in there.

2013-08-30 18.39.23

The Desk: Thank you to Riz for the wonderfully Ikea desk to which I added some even more stereotypical Ikea drawers. To combat the Ikea-ness, I tried to add some personality a la some knit bunnies, a picture of the Van Wickle gates, a Kinder Surprise toy, and my zombie, affectionately named “Marcel”.

2013-09-02 16.32.54


The Curry: Yes it came in a jar and yes, it was delicious. I added red peppers, mushrooms, chicken, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and onion. Served on a white and brown rice mix.

2013-09-01 20.09.51 2013-09-01 19.36.39 2013-09-01 20.09.36

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve decided to name my car “Topher”, inspired by Gina’s car “L’il Mikey”.