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End of Summer Musings August 18, 2013

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[Note: I started this post in March… typical.]

1. Sarah in PVD will be Sarah in Boston/Somerville (not quite as catchy) in September!  Actually, hopefully August 30th.

Leaving aside the blog name logistics, the ever-present parental disapproval, and the work travel, I’m excited. I am a little nervous, and by a little, I mean moderately nervous, to leave Providence. It’s hard to leave a city that I’ve grown to love during the past 6 years, a city where I met amazing people, ate a lot of delicious food (and expanded my culinary appetite), and most importantly, a city and a school that helped me grow into my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to move to Somerville but to borrow a phrase from Dan, I fear change! Somerville does sound pretty awesome – for example, they have a “Somerville welcome packet” and a bike path. And I won’t be lacking in food options – we’re close to Porter and Davis Squares. Also, Bonchon is a stone’s throw away (if a stone’s throw means 2 miles) – korean fried chicken wings all day, eer day!

2. I very much need to start finishing projects and accomplishing goals.

As y’all know, I have this tendency to go through “phases”. I get super excited about something, do it intensely for a few days, and then get bored and move on to something else. This means that I have many, many unfinished projects. Sometimes, they eventually get finished (ex. my Winnie-the-Pooh latch hook kit) but most of the time they remain unfinished (ex. my attempt at Harry Potter fanfiction – no, you cannot see it, it will remain under wraps). This blog is a PRIME example of this personality tendency – I go through long phases where I don’t update and then I update frequently for a few weeks (repeat cycle). The content is another great example – remember that list of things I wanted to do?

Maybe I should prioritize, first up – be consistent with is my exercise schedule. I’m usually good for a few weeks and then I lapse. I let work get the best of me and I almost always choose more sleep/lazing around over exercise. Let’s be real – when it comes to exercise or the Mindy Project, I’m going to choose the Mindy Project…laughing really hard is an ab workout right?

I also added a few other projects to my “list of things to do” – volunteering, taking an acting class, finishing my puzzle… what can I say, I have lofty goals and aspirations. If I can even get one of these things done, I’ll be happy. On that note, I did start taking some online courses on Coursera – and in typical Sarah fashion, I’m already behind.

3. On a side note – if y’all are wondering why I chose to cut my hair. I was inspired by the Mindy Project. And it’s awesome – not sure I’ll go back to longer hair anytime soon.

4. On a blog logistics note, I think I’m going to take this blog out of the crafting/cooking realm and change it to a “what’s going on in Sarah’s life” blog with cooking and crafting sprinkled throughout. I’ll have to think about rebranding it though – I guess I’ll leave the URL (Sarah in PVD) – I don’t think I can change this and besides that, part of me will always be in PVD – metaphorically and physically since I’ll still be working here.

5. On another note, in case anyone was interested in what I actually work on – this article by Dylan Scott from Governing Magazine is incredibly accurate. For reference, I’m on the data and evaluation team but did not partake in the migraine medicine… I am, however, guilty of the half-eaten salad.

THE END. Sorry for the incredibly long post. It’s way overdue.


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