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Catch-Up Post #2 (Things) August 18, 2013

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In rough chronological order:

1. Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular 2012 – Roger Williams Zoo

“Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones!”

2012-11-02 19.54.34

2012-11-02 19.43.13

2. Baked by Melissa – NYC

Novelty items, they were good but not quite worth that hefty NYC price tag. I do love the way they look.

2012-11-10 14.59.04

2012-11-10 14.59.12

3. Club Med – Cancun in January

My first, real-life 20-something vacation. Dan and I (and his parents) went for a week in the middle of January and it was incredible. Beautiful weather, beautiful resort, beautiful people (haha – I’m not actually joking… the GOs were statistically significantly better-looking than the general population).

2013-01-16 13.33.18

4. Then one month later – my car buried under snow. Sometimes I wonder why I live in New England…

2013-02-10 11.16.02

5. Matt & Kim and Passion Pit in Boston

When I informed my brother that I had gone to see Passion Pit, he responded, rather sarcastically, with “My friends went to go see that concert Sarah – you’re too old for those groups!”

2013-02-10 21.05.08 - Copy

6. San Francisco

I have family in San Jose and my cousin was getting married so I took the opportunity to also visit San Francisco. I had been there for a very short day trip before but this was my first real trip – complete with touristy things galore (ex. cable cars) and some of the most delicious food ever (ex. Dim Sum). Dan will tell you that I keep telling him to apply to grad school in California. San Francisco, albeit an incredibly expensive city, is now one my favorite places. The people in the picture are also some of my favorite people. 🙂

2013-03-23 11.52.26

7. Pentatonix at Lupo’s, Providence

One of my favorite a cappella groups. They were awesome live. I can’t decide who my favorite person is: either the beat boxing cello player or the bassist. Will “The Sing-Off” ever come back?

2013-04-04 19.44.45

8. L’il Bro Graduating!

Look at him all spiffy in his bowtie. I’m helping him move into his dorm at George Washington University this Saturday. You can’t tell in this photo since I look like a dud but I’m incredibly proud 🙂

2013-06-15 11.41.25

9. Cape Cod

New life goal: become an oceanographer/egyptologist/symbologist.

2013-07-29 13.30.40

10: #POLO

The whitest thing I’ve ever done.

2013-08-03 17.22.06

The last 3 posts pretty accurately sum up my life in the past few months.


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