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Updates to the Updates September 5, 2012

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I’ve had a few developments to my end-of-the-summer update list already! They’re minor but still make me feel like I’m doing things/keeping busy.

1. I’ve finished The Disappearing Spoon. The book was a good read overall and quite entertaining at times. However, there were several parts in the book that made no sense to me, most likely because of my lack of a background in chemistry and because I failed to properly grasp what the author was talking about. I would still recommend the book though because it accomplished its goal — getting me to become interested in chemistry. Years of terrible chem classes had made chemistry a big black box but now, thanks to Sam Kean, I’m inspired to learn more — through a careful reading of my old chemistry textbooks and a long list of things to Wikipedia.

2. My first “veggie box” from the farmshare is coming on Wednesday! In preparation for what I’m sure will be an abundance of carrots, I’ve found this recipe from Mark Bittman (with help from Dan’s Dad): glazed carrots. As most people who know me are well aware, I don’t like carrots except in very specific circumstances (in chicken noodle soup, do chua, or sometimes in take-out). This recipe looks simple and hopefully will be tasty enough to help me get over my carrot distaste.

(EDIT: MY VEGGIE BOX CAME IN TODAY!!! I’m incredibly excited. Today is very rainy and gloomy and fruits/veggies was exactly what I needed — will update with photos and recipe ideas when I get home. I feel like a small child with a new toy.)

3. Not on my list but a first nonetheless: candlepin bowling! The bowling balls are super small and it’s actually incredibly hard… Riz, Dan, and I were the only people without kids (very little kids) but it was still great fun.


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