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Kimchi Fried Rice July 26, 2012

Filed under: Cooking,Work — sarahinpvd @ 8:20 pm

I went to H-Mart this past weekend (the Korean market in Burlington, MA) and got a ton of goodies! Well, mainly some mirin, gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste), bok choy, daikon, and kimchi. Today, I made kimchi fried rice with shrimp. Recipe adapted from here. I basically substituted shrimp, put the egg into the fried rice instead of on top, and put some of my frozen veggie mix in. Actually, I basically only used the sauce part of the recipe since I’m a pro at fried rice (insert some sort of Asian joke here).

ImageClearly it just looks like normal fried rice but it was SUPER GOOD. I was very pleased with how it turned out. It could have used a little more kimchi and it could be a little hotter so I’ll probably put some red pepper flakes in next time I eat it. I forgot for tonight but tomorrow I’ll make some bok choy and have some more veggies. I’m so happy with it — I’m not sure if I can go back to normal fried rice…

Conclusion: SUCCESS. 🙂

I realize all the foodgawker recipes I’ve been looking at really focus on presentation of dishes and I’m usually not patient enough/too lazy to really care about presentation when I post pictures of my food. Maybe when I make my spicy pork bulgolgi banh mi on Saturday, I’ll try and make it really pretty… maybe…

Complete switch of topics but last night I went to Legal Seafoods in Boston with a few friends. The restaurant was pretty noisy but the food was good! My scallops were cooked really well and the crab cake was full of crab which is unfortunately, a rare occurrence. I still prefer the crab cakes that Dan and I had at Cafe Nuovo but I’m not sure any restaurant can beat those crab cakes. Legal’s was expensive though so I’m not sure I’d go back but it was definitely decent food and good service… just not necessarily great value.

Another switch of topics but my work week has been INSANE. At least I love what I do and love the people I work with because if I didn’t, I’m pretty sure I would have gone crazy by now. Good news though — I was in Boston on Monday and reminded my superiors (gently of course) that I would like to be in Boston next year…. we’ll see how that turns out! I really like working in the Boston office… mainly because 1. I get to have some social interaction with my coworkers and 2. it’s a real office space (such a luxury). All I’m going to say is RI needs to get its act together. And so do the Feds. I’m seriously concerned about having an operational Exchange by Oct. 2013 but I guess it’s part of my job to make sure that happens. Although this week was hectic and stressful, I’m thankful I have a job and thankful that it’s exactly what I want to be doing right now.

I’m really happy with life after school. It’s the best. I finally get to start crossing things off my list of things to do.


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