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Strawberry Arugula Salad and Restaurant Week July 13, 2012

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Per the suggestion of a few friends, I tried a strawberry arugula salad with dried cranberries, turkey, and walnut raspberry vinaigrette (thank you Newman’s!).


It was pretty freakin’ delicious. I’m definitely going to keep with this salad.

Lately, I haven’t been cooking because it’s Providence (summer) RESTAURANT WEEK aka the week where my food budget goes through the window. Restaurant week is just such a great chance for me to go explore places to eat without paying real-world prices! And, Providence has a surprisingly large number of fantastic restaurants.

Sunday, Dan and I went to Aspire which had 3/5 stars on yelp and from the reviews, seemed to be good food but not necessarily great value. The restaurant week menu, at least, was a fantastic value. The appetizers were good — we had the cornmeal shrimp and duck rolls which were both delicious although Dan mentioned that he would have liked more duck. I got the steak frites and Dan got the cod for our entrees. The steak was normal and a little too well cooked for my taste even though I asked for medium rare. I’d say it turned out more medium but the fries were delicious. For dessert, Dan had the creme brulee  and I had the Junior’s cheesecake. Both were delicious but I think my cheesecake won because 1. I love cheesecake and 2. it was from junior’s. All in all, a pretty good value for restaurant week! I’d eat again but probably not for regular dinner.

On Wednesday, I went to La Laiterie with Joy and Itsuka. The first time I went to La Laiterie was with Dan and his parents and it was super super super fantastic and delicious and amazing. It also has a fantastic price tag… although I did go there for lunch with Yue once and lunch prices were okay especially for the grilled cheese and polenta fries. Anyways, the first course, a ceviche with rose petals, was okay. I think Itsuka and I both preferred Los Andes’ ceviche. This one just didn’t have the same appeal. Our next course, the steak with some pumpkin (? or some other veggie) and peas, was FANTASTIC. I can’t emphasize how delicious it was. Our last course, at least in my opinion, was really the perfect way to end the meal. It was AMAZING. So amazing, that in fact, there was a long moment of silence as we all were eating. It was some sort of berry tart with vanilla ice cream and a lemonade shooter. Sounds plain right? Well it was “plain” but it was also one of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever had.

Yesterday night, I went to McCormick and Schmick’s with a few MPHers and I’d say it was pretty good… Not as good as La Laiterie but also a pretty decent restaurant week deal. The appetizers were the real stars I think and they all looked delicious. I typically go with meals that I can’t make at home so calamari it was! It was pretty good, I thought the pineapple addition would be really good but it was sort of strange tasting. Our waiter was very opinionated about meals (but in a genuine nice way) and recommended the striped bass since salmon you can get pretty much anywhere and getting chicken at a seafood restaurant… well let’s just say he would have never let us get the chicken. It was decent, flaky, but the vegetables were really really really good and it also had bacon so how could it go wrong?! For dessert, I had the apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Again, decent but not the best thing ever. I think eating at La Laiterie before Mccormick’s was probably not the best decision. All the places I ate at this week were very good but La Laiterie wins! SO GOOD.

I love restaurant week.


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