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Trader Joe’s/Ming’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki July 9, 2012

Filed under: Cooking — sarahinpvd @ 7:57 pm

So I had some leftover noodles, Napa cabbage, lots of scallions and cilantro — what to do? Well combine it with some pre-cooked chicken of course! That sounds gross but it was actually fairly delicious… as delicious as freezer chicken can be. I went to Trader Joe’s after work today and bought some Trader Ming’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki. More importantly, I also got GUMMY TUMMIES. Quick review of the gummy tummies: DELICIOUS. Just pure delicious. Okay on to the actual stuff that required “cooking” (aka microwaving). I saute’d some cabbage in the pan with red pepper flakes and scallions and then microwaved the chicken and sauce (also adding red pepper flakes). I mixed the cabbage and chicken together and just ate them over my noodles with some cilantro.


I’d definitely buy the chicken again. It was good and tasted exactly like I thought it would — it’s not five star Japanese restaurant quality but it also comes from the freezer so I wasn’t expecting it to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted. Another meal — another success!


2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s/Ming’s BBQ Chicken Teriyaki”

  1. I just love Trader Joe’s. There are so many quality
    options in the freezer and prepared sections. A little of this, a little of that, and boom: great meals with little effort!

    • sarahinpvd Says:

      I know! Washing and cutting the cabbage took longer than actually putting together the meal/cooking the chicken. Thanks for encouraging me to go to TJ’s! 🙂

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