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Trader Joe’s Orange Mandarin Chicken July 5, 2012

Filed under: Cooking,Crafting,Running — sarahinpvd @ 8:08 pm

Although I didn’t make a second meal in the month of June, I did make orange mandarin chicken! Twice! I put some red pepper flakes and broccoli — does that count as making a meal?

Looks about as good as crappy Chinese food to me! Except this is cheaper and healthier (I think/assume). This weekend Dan and I are going to make turkey pad thai which will be quite an adventure since:

1. I don’t associate turkey with pad thai

2. Pad thai is notoriously difficult to make

Adventure time!

Also, as a surprise blog feature this week — pictures from the zoo!

Elephant eating nomsImage





Ninja edit: I almost forgot! I am hard at work trying to finish my cross-stitch pillowcase and sort of learning how to crochet. I say “sort of learning” because now I remember why I stopped trying to crochet in the first place! It’s difficult and I much prefer sewing which I find much simpler and easier to deal with but I am determined to at least make a granny square… at some point. I also went jogging twice in the past week and a half — an improvement over not doing anything at all.



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