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Back for realsies! June 14, 2012

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My last post was ages ago and I’ve already established that I’m terrible at blogging. I’m many posts overdue but since I no longer have school (WOOOO!) I figured I would make one last attempt at reviving this blog. The title still holds true since I’m still in Providence and will be here until next June.

Now that I’m no longer in school, I really have no excuse to be lazy and sit around doing nothing so I’m also using this blog as a way to keep myself in check. For now: 

Long-term goals: 

  • Start playing music again
  • Travel
  • More regular exercise
  • Be more sustainable (eat mainly in season fruits and veggies)
  • Actually learn how to cook
  • Run a half-marathon
  • More crafts! 

Short term goals

  • Finish cross-stitch pillowcase
  • Go the whole length of the East Bay bike path
  • Make a new dish at least twice a month
  • Learn how to swim
  • Read a book every week and a half

Clearly this is a very ambitious list but it’s always good to aim high! I’m also going to try to update this blog every week and a half. Phew! I’m tired from just writing this list but let’s hope that I’ll be able to cross out some of the short-term things by the fall. 


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