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Chinese Bakery Cake December 27, 2010

Filed under: Cooking — sarahinpvd @ 11:46 pm

This cake served the dual purpose of being a welcome back and Christmas present for my mom. I followed the recipe from this blog: and I also used this blog as a supplement:

When the recipe said four hours… boy, they weren’t kidding! I started at around 6:15 and finished at about9:45 and I suspect that it would have taken longer had I spend more time on frosting the cake. It was a pretty difficult recipe mainly because there were so many steps. Although my brother “helped” (washing things mainly), I don’t think I would attempt this again without the experience my lovely baker friends. 🙂

I tried out the whipped cream, custard, and some cake crust and it all tasted okay… I hope it tastes okay all together. I also think my whipped cream wasn’t whipped enough but I was so afraid to over-whip it since the recipe specifically said “DON’T OVERWHIP!”

This is my sink after baking:

And the cake! TA DA:

Obviously I’m not too good at frosting… but I think it looks cute! 🙂 Now I hope it stays okay in the fridge until my mom comes home tomorrow….


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