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Green beans, Pesto Pasta, and BBQ (Oh my!) June 25, 2010

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It’s been a while since my last post but I haven’t done much cooking since then. I’ve actually been mooching off of other people like my parents, my friends, and my housemates. However, I’ve decided to come up with a cooking plan for next week so I won’t be mooching off of them. I think I’ll make some curry (green or yellow) and maybe I’ll have another try at pasta, either with pesto or an alfredo sauce.

Since my last post, I did make some green beans and beef… the typical way that I’ve been making all my stir frys but I like it and it’s easy.

I think you can probably tell but I really like green vegetables with some sort of meat with rice. It’s just really very comforting.

Last Thursday, I went over to Devon’s house (which is so amazingly new and shiny) and we tried making some pesto for pasta but it didn’t work out so well because we didn’t have a food processor, only a blender. We also added too much garlic and cheese and not enough basil…. oops!! It still turned out okay though and no one got sick which is always a plus!

Those tomatoes were so good. I really don’t even like tomatoes and they were good. I hear from the other intern that I work with (Courtney) that those tomatoes, pasta, avocado and alfredo sauce work really well together which is what I think I’ll try next week.

I don’t have any pictures of the FABULOUS BBQ that my boys (aka Josh and Riz) put together two days ago but it was amazing! They were so adorable. I got home and and they had gone to East Side Market and were making burgers. The kitchen was of course a disaster zone (and still is) but it’s the price you pay for good food I suppose. The burgers, even though the first batch was a little overdone, were so moist and juicy. I think the boys put in onions, garlic, ground beef (obviously), bleu cheese, and an egg. We also had hot dogs and some grilled vegetables. We and by we I mean Josh, Riz, Itsuka mostly put together the grill and although we didn’t get to eat until maybe 8 at night, it was all worth it. I got so lucky with my apartment-mates this summer. Even though I haven’t seen Putzer in a week, he’s really nice and funny and Josh and Riz are incredibly amusing and fun and CLEAN!

Dan will be here this weekend so we’re going bowling with a bunch of people tonight and then we’re cooking dinner on  Saturday! 🙂 I think I’m finally getting into the swing of things. My internship is going really well, I’m excited to be a part of the RIte care outreach effort because I actually designed a hypothetical intervention to increase Medicaid/CHIP enrollment for Hispanic kids so it’s nice to see real life applications of what I do in school. In other running news, I’m finally up to a half an hour which means that I can officially start a half-marathon training schedule but I think I’ll just slowly ease my way up to 45 minutes. I also want to start weights sometime soon but that means I must first procure some weights. In terms of my summer reading list, I’m making my way through A Short History of Nearly Everything and so far it’s really good. I’d definitely recommend this as a good read too. I love reading about crazy scientists. Other things coming up on my reading list include the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Watchmen, other comics that Riz will hopefully lend me, and some books that Wendy mentioned. I have yet to start crafting but I still have time.

Sorry for the long and delayed entry but hopefully I’ll be blogging more often now that my schedule is nailed down! 🙂


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  1. Dan Says:

    yay for bowling!

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