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Beef and Broccoli/Soy Sauce and Pasta June 16, 2010

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On Sunday, I made some beef and broccoli which actually turned out really well except the beef was slightly overdone. I didn’t realize how thinly sliced the beef was. First I “marinated” the beef with garlic, a little bit of veggie oil, and oyster sauce. I let it sit while I boiled the broccoli very briefly. Then I cooked the beef and threw the broccoli in. All in all, it was probably my most successful meal to date. I have some more beef so I’ll probably do the same thing with green beans in a day or two.

My dish today was penne and broccoli with what was supposed to be “garlic-infused olive oil”. However, it didn’t taste like much of anything so I put soy sauce in it which I’ve actually done at home before and Itsuka did yesterday. I know some of you would say “WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT?” but I’m Asian and when things don’t taste good, I add soy sauce. Although the dish overall was bland, the pasta and broccoli were cooked well.

I’m excited for Thursday because that means I get to see Devon!! Which also means that I’ll have real food to eat because she can actually cook. đŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Beef and Broccoli/Soy Sauce and Pasta”

  1. Andrew Says:

    How could you add soy sauce to pasta? Thats sacrilege!

  2. Dan Says:

    It could be worse…she could have added ketchup to make it pasta with “red sauce.”

  3. Andrew Says:

    It seems like you are missing a sauce, something such as a cream sauce would have gone really well with this meal. If you don’t want to make a sauce, try Campbell’s soup’s recipe website. They usually have some simple recipes where the sauce is just a can of one of their soups that gets tossed in at the end.

    The thought of ketchup and pasta together is nauseating.

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