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First Day of Work! June 8, 2010

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Today was my first day of work and what a long 8:30-5 day it was. I would definitely consider today a success though in terms of my summer plans, with the exception of cooking. I woke up at 6 to go for a (very) short run and then got ready for work which included making my own lunch! The other intern (Courtney) and I ended up observing a “strategic planning meeting” all day which was really interesting but at times rather mundane and tedious… policy formation at its best! I’m really excited to start working on projects that will finally pertain to what I want to do later. Everyone at the office seems really nice and I love the atmosphere of non-profits. Also, lunchtime is great since I can eat outside in Kennedy Plaza. I also really like Courtney, we get along well and she seems really nice. She’s a math and public policy concentrator, an interesting mix to say the least. Overall, today was a good day albeit extremely tiring. I’ll also have most Fridays off with the exception of the next two weeks. I got blisters from my super cute (short) heels though 😦 That will teach me to think that I can walk the hilly streets of Providence in heels.

My run was quite short this morning, I think my body just isn’t used to physical activity right now. I have tomorrow off but I’m gonna try and wake up semi-early like around 7:30 or 8 and run again. I need to get into some sort of schedule. I’m gonna start really slowly but I feel good for starting! 🙂

Itsuka found some magnetic poetry left behind by the previous residents and lo and behold the box was the “dirty” version! Disclaimer: the naked man magnet came with the fridge.

The first sentence says “directions to being happy” and the second sentence says “believe in your dreams.”  the next couple of sentences are not so innocent…

In terms of cooking… I haven’t yet! I know I know, don’t yell at me guys! I will be cooking (for sure!) tomorrow though because I won’t have a delicious Whole Foods sandwich to munch on and I won’t have a fantastic boyfriend who visits me and brings me food. Plus I also have really do have time tomorrow to cook. I’m planning to make “Penne with Vegetables.” It seems like a no-fail recipe…hopefully. The picture doesn’t really look that great but maybe mine will turn out better… (haha!)

I think I’ll be doing a lot of reading this summer. I’m finishing up Omnivore’s Dilemma and then Itsuka has graciously let me borrow The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’ll probably read A Short History of Nearly Everything after that. Of course I will also probably be playing Rock Band. I’m also really trying to eat healthy this summer and just do things that a public health major should do… like go to a primary care doctor…

Anyways, this entry was rather long but tomorrow’s should be short and to the point — penne!


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